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Play-Based Design.

At MiaoKids, we’re fully invested in the power of play-based learning. Whether at home, in the classroom, or on the go, our products are uniquely designed to make learning both fun and intellectually engaging. We help young learners develop foundational academic and cognitive skills through an open, play-centered world of learning. Just how do we do that? We’re glad you asked…


The Status Quo

In many settings, early childhood education tends to be treated less holistically and often fails to properly connect the many intelligences young learners are developing. In other contexts, children are inundated with overstimulation via electronic means without a proper channel to harness the physical world around them. Overstimulation creates a distraction-prone and stressful environment, resulting in poor and unmeaningful electronics screen time and learning experiences.

Our Approach

The MiaoKids ecosystem integrates both physical and screen-based inputs to draw on children’s bodily-kinesthetic intelligence while providing optimized cognitive stimulation and high-quality screen time. We believe the MiaoKids ecosystem offers a better learning experience by enhancing the integration of multiple intelligences and facilitating physical interaction with electronic learning support. We are enthusiastic about the learning journey we are on, and we can’t wait to share the MiaoKids experience with young learners worldwide.


MiaoKids Smart Kit

The MiaoKids Smart Kit is designed to complement various MiaoKids applications, such as MiaoKids Wonder Math, that assist young learners in developing foundational academic skills through an open world of play-based learning. Unlike many products that are exclusively housed in an application or exclusively in the form of physical toys, the Smart Kit enables engagement between those two (electronic and physical) worlds by providing a bridge between tactile components, such as physical shapes and numbers, and the vibrant on-screen MiaoKids world in which the learner is immersed. This Kit contains everything you need to begin playing right away.


Smart Pad

The Smart Pad seamlessly connects via Bluetooth to a variety of devices – tablets, phones, and even smart TVs. The Smart Pad has a subtle design that mimics the face of ChiChi, the MiaoKids’ mascot that permeates many of our games. The Smart Pad also contains a protective silicone gel slot in which smart devices conveniently sit during use. The slot is compatible with a wide range of devices.


Smart Blocks

MiaoKids Smart Blocks, including Wonder Cubes and Wonder Shapes, come in vibrant colors that are designed to provide off-screen visual stimulation. Each Kit contains 23 kid-durable Wonder Cubes and 8 Wonder Shapes. All Smart Blocks contain chips that are easily read by the Smart Pad on contact, which in turn communicates with MiaoKids applications running on connected devices.


MiaoKids App

All MiaoKids applications are developed to support both iOS and Android systems. Students are transported into the captivating world of ChiChi and friends as they tackle new skill-building tasks together. Wonder Math is carefully constructed to align with prevailing math standards and offers puzzles and brain teasers in addition to developing core skills such as counting and addition.

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